Webinar Registration for Prisoners of Our Prisms

The award-winning book, Perception And Deception: A Mind-Opening Journey Across Cultures, written by Joe Lurie and published by Cultural Detective, has just been released in its second, revised edition. Each chapter now includes application questions which are great for classroom use, … Continue reading

Excellent New Classroom Tool & a Great Read!

We are thrilled to announce that this award-winning volume is newly updated with application questions for each chapter and fully integrates with your Cultural Detective Online subscription! Purchase it now for your classroom or for holiday gifting. — Perception and … Continue reading

To Slurp or Not to Slurp

One of the greatest benefits of working across cultures, aside from the terrific people, is the fabulous food we are privileged to enjoy. I’m sure most of you agree, as some of our food posts have proved to be popular … Continue reading

How Language Can Deceive

“We’re all coming to be like each other. While there’s some truth to that, it’s also truth that in coming together so rapidly—with technology, migration across borders—we are unprepared for the contact between people and cultures we know nothing about.” … Continue reading

War Zones and Cultural Disconnects

Our book, “Perception and Deception: A Mind Opening Journey Across Cultures,” is getting incredible reviews and selling like hotcakes (or roti, sushi, tacos…)! Quite a few successful, internationally renowned professionals leading multicultural lives—a famous news anchor, an ambassador, journalists, professors—have … Continue reading

Great Press Response to CD’s New Book!

Cultural Detective is the proud publisher of a wonderful new book chock-full of stories of intercultural interaction from around the world—a book that contains loads of proverbs and insights to current events as well: Perception and Deception: A Mind-Opening Journey Across … Continue reading

Just Released! New Book: Perception and Deception

Need a powerful story to illustrate your point about intercultural miscommunication? Want to help someone understand that different cultures may utilize the same word, concept, image, gesture, sound or touch to mean different things? Could you use a proverb that … Continue reading

2014 Year in Review

The entire Cultural Detective Team would like to thank you most sincerely for being part of our community, and wish you much joy, health and success in the new year! 2014 was a big year for Cultural Detective, as we celebrated our … Continue reading

Best Wishes for 2014

Happy New Year! May 2014 bring you health, joy, love, and much success in your endeavors to build respect, understanding, and collaboration across cultures! We so appreciate you being part of the Cultural Detective community! As we enter into the … Continue reading

Ubuntu, Nietzsche and a Learning Activity

A guest post by Joe Lurie — ” Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” —Nietzsche Like the frog who could not understand the sea because it had never … Continue reading