Why Storytelling in the Intercultural Context?

Stories are the cornerstone of the Cultural Detective Method, and we have written about them on this blog quite often. Today I am very pleased to share with you a guest blog post by Joanna Sell, storyteller extraordinaire. She will be … Continue reading

How Storytelling Affects the Brain

Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of both teaching and entertainment. It is the way history was traditionally recorded, how values were inculcated, and how families and neighborhoods bonded. Storytelling is the core around which Cultural Detective is based. While the Cultural Detective … Continue reading

Turning the Page on Intercultural Research

Cultural Detective team member George Simons reviews Cross-Cultural Management: With Insights from Brain Science, written by Cultural Detective Vietnam author Phuong-Mai Nguyen. — Interculturalists are familiar with the range of approaches to culture in the social sciences and the intercultural field itself. Many of … Continue reading

We Want to Get Rid of You!

“The Power of Storytelling in Intercultural Communication” Many thanks to Joanna Sell, a certified Cultural Detective facilitator, for this terrific guest blog post. Be sure to check out her new intercultural storytelling blog at http://www.interculturalcompass.com/blog/. — It was early autumn when Martin, … Continue reading

Kids Skyping Around the World

A most excellent-sounding project called “Skyping Around the World” by a group called “Do Remember Me: Connect, Dispel, Build,” gathers youth aged 12-15 at neighborhood recreation centers in France, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda and the USA for a series of workshops that use art for social advocacy and to motivate activism in young people. Continue reading

A Living Example of the Funk Model of Personal Development

You know that PRACTICE of intercultural competence, ongoing, sustained practice, has been a theme of this blog. I have likened intercultural competence to physical fitness, to maintaining a workout practice, to symphonic and jazz music, and also to spiritual practice. … Continue reading