New Law Threatens to Tear Apart Israeli Community

A new law threatens to tear apart communities and mutual agreements in Israeli society and brings up questions that haven’t been discussed—more democratic or more Jewish? There may be hope yet. Guest blog post by Cultural Detective Israel co-author Anat … Continue reading

Free and Effective Intercultural Assessment Instruments

The Freebies page of our website contains a plethora of downloads and resources we hope you’ll use. Today I’d like to focus your attention on one small portion of that page: Assessment Instruments. There are, fortunately, loads of terrific intercultural … Continue reading

Emotions: An Exercise and a Tool

Emotional intelligence has been a major buzz word the last few years. Deservedly so; in this highly polarized world of ours emotional intelligence might be more valuable than just about any other intelligence. Obviously, interculturally competent people need to have emotional intelligence. … Continue reading

Think One Person Can’t Do Much?

How about two? This is the story of a childhood dream and lifelong passion and perseverance. We start our story when two Guinean brothers—Abdoulaye and Ibrahima Barry—are 10 and 14 years old. They loved school, and were frustrated that their … Continue reading

Inclusion in Cyberspace?

I am pleased to present you a very interesting guest blog post written by John Gieryn, about inclusion and intercultural competence in online communities. The internet was a promise of open access and global inclusion, but has this been realized? … Continue reading

Diversely Gendered: Update to CD LGBT

I will admit to being stymied by the heated debates about mixed-gender public toilets. For those of us who travel, we know that there are so many places in the world with mixed-gender toilets. Sometimes one walks in past men urinating … Continue reading

How Storytelling Affects the Brain

Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of both teaching and entertainment. It is the way history was traditionally recorded, how values were inculcated, and how families and neighborhoods bonded. Storytelling is the core around which Cultural Detective is based. While the Cultural Detective … Continue reading

Ecotonos: Simulación Intercultural en una Clase de Negociación en Colombia

Ecotonos: An Intercultural Simulation in a Negotiation Class in Colombia La Universidad Sergio Arboleda in Bogotá, Colombia, recently utilized Ecotonos: A Simulation for Collaborating Across Cultures for the third time in its International Negotiation class. The professor, Fernando Parrado, gave four … Continue reading

Another International Research Paper Supports the Cultural Detective Approach

Bertelsmann Stiftung and Fondazione Cariplo Study* Many of you ask us how you can make the case for and roll out a strategy for developing intercultural competence in your organizations and communities. Two of the world’s major philanthropic foundations, Germany’s … Continue reading

New Brain Study Illustrates Gender Differences

“At any given moment, a woman is likely to be using her whole brain while a man is using half of his. Men are more likely to be right-brained (more intuitive) or left-brained (more logical) than women.” —Ruben Gur, neuropsychologist and … Continue reading