Jam and Bread

Submitted by George Simons, http://www.diversophy.com

Being an interculturalist for most of my life, I should know better, however a few years ago we were having a potluck picnic to celebrate Easter and I called up a Peruvian friend who lived nearby to ask what she might bring. She volunteered to bring “jam and bread.” I thought this a little strange for an Easter holiday picnic, but of course said yes.

Meanwhile I shopped for the essentials, a honey baked ham, some good sweet potatoes, scallions, wine, etc.

When Sunday came along, I heard her pull into the driveway and went to the window wiping my hands from the cooking. I was just about to go out and help her when I saw her extract from the trunk (boot) of her car a ham identical to the one that I had warming in the oven — I quickly took it from the oven and hid it in the closet. So much for “JAM and bread.”

Thank you, George! Readers, please share your story via the form below, or in the comments. Thanks for helping us build a better world!

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