Cultural Detective Online for Study Abroad

Quite a few of the world’s leading study abroad organizations rely on Cultural Detective. They tell us it’s invaluable to their students’ success. That’s why we are very excited to SOON be able to offer you the Cultural Detective product line as an integrated, online system rather than as stand-alone packages! And, better yet, it’s designed as a personal coach, encouraging your students and staff to track their goals, summarize and apply their learning, and upload, debrief and share with a teacher or counselor their daily life experiences (and the meaning they are making from them).

Be sure to stay tuned for our official launch. Or, enter to win a free subscription for you or your team!

If you are unable to view the video above (if you are on an iPad or other device that doesn’t play Flash), click here to view the video on YouTube. Please feel free to share this video with others who might be seeking a virtual intercultural coach. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Cultural Detective Online for Study Abroad

    • Study abroad programs and universities use the Cultural Detective system to prepare students, receiving faculty and host families. They continue to use the system while the students are abroad, to enable ongoing reflection and learning from student’s experience, to guide sense-making. Cultural Detective is the only process-based intercultural competence tool on the market, and also the only one shown to be developmental in nature. Join us in a webinar for a complimentary pass to check it out, Ashley.


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