40 Things to Say Before You Die

from Forbes:Jessica

Screen shot from Forbes.com,
©Jessica Hagy: 40 Things to Say Before You Die

I was not familiar with Jessica Hagy before I read this post — 40 Things to Say Before You Die. Read it; you’ll enjoy it. I believe it will remind you of many of the important things in life.

Why am I posting it on the Cultural Detective blog?

  1. Though not intentionally cross-cultural, I believe you’ll agree that the skills, attitudes, mindsets and practices Jessica illustrates in her post all very much apply to cross-cultural interaction. They are core concepts that help us strengthen our intercultural competence.
  2. It is a rarity in life when someone is able to communicate the complex simply, clearly, and powerfully, without “dumbing it down,” while retaining its core essence. It is oh-so-much easier to write long tomes; capturing the main points without sacrificing the larger context, that’s something else entirely. I believe Jessica does this with her drawings. And you tell me, repeatedly, how the Cultural Detective process does that in your organizations.

Evidently Jessica is very well known, and I’m just late to the party. Such a joy to be late in arriving yet to arrive on time!

Please let me know if you enjoy these sorts of re-posts, and how you feel this applies to intercultural competence. Thanks!

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