“Cultural Effectives” — Success stories on the journey to understanding

Cultural Detective‘s purpose is to build understanding, respect, equity and collaboration in our very multicultural world. The primary way in which we do this is by promoting intercultural competence: the ability to work and relate effectively and enjoyably across cultures.

But just what does intercultural competence look like? How does it happen? Where are the success stories? The journey is much easier if we know what we’re aiming for, if we have some examples to guide us.

Sharing such “cultural effectives,” or cross-cultural successes, can be a terrific way to help replicate such successes. Let’s all learn from each other, pass around the good news, the good ideas, the effective practices, and help make our world a better place. As our readers have told us:

Cultural Defective + Cultural Detective = Cultural Effective

Please share your story via the form below, or in the comments. Thanks for helping us build a better world!

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