Crowd-sourcing a New Map for the Buckminster Fuller Institute

Fuller's Dymaxion Map
I have many times used Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion World Map in my global leadership and international management training sessions. I especially like the small, foldable, cardboard versions of this map that I purchased years ago. I often put several in the center of each work table in the training room, and participants enjoy folding and unfolding them. It reminds people how interconnected our world is, and how beneficial it can be to think differently. (I do not find these in their store currently, sorry to say, but there are links below to postcards and magnets.)


Since I have found this map so useful, I’m pretty confident you all will be interested in this cool contest the Buckminster Fuller Institute and our dear friend Bob Abramms over at ODT Maps have arranged. Below are the details I received this morning. Good luck, Cultural Detectives! Do us proud!

Disclaimer: We do not receive any “kickback” and have no financial involvement in BFI or ODT. We post the below offers because we feel they may interest you.

Famed futurist Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion World Map appeared in Life Magazine seventy years ago. With an undistorted projection of the Earth’s surface, ability to be easily reconfigured and transform from a 2-D map to a 3-D globe, the Dymaxion Map (patented in 1946) was a cartographic breakthrough and its iconic design has inspired generations since.

In celebration of the map’s publication anniversary, the Buckminster Fuller Institute (BFI) is calling on today’s graphic designers, visual artists, and citizen cartographers to create a new an inspiring interpretation of the original Dymaxion Map.

BFI will publish accepted entries within an online gallery, feature the selected finalists in a gallery exhibition in New York City and select one winning entry to be produced as a 34″ x 22″ poster. BFI is seeking submissions across the creative spectrum and will be selecting the winner based on originality, aesthetic beauty and informative qualities. The contest is open to all and will provide entrants with a high-res image to use as ‘canvas’.

Submission Deadline: June 14, 2013   •   Winners Announced: July 12, 2013

All entries will receive a PDF copy of ODT’s new e-book (see below) and the contest winner will receive an autographed copy of the paperback!

Just want to order the map? Click HERE

Dymaxion postcards and magnets are also available.

SPECIAL: Order a Dymaxion wall map before June 1st and get five free Dymaxion postcards

Or order new Dymaxion T-shirts from BFI here.

Fuller’s Dymaxion map is also featured on the cover of (and inside) our forthcoming paperback book: The BFI contest winner will receive an autographed copy.

Stay tuned for our pre-publication special to be announced in the next 5 weeks!