We Grow Up Thinking This Way

ImageHere is the massive gap in perception that requires one to completely shrug off any existing assumptions in order to comprehend. I took this picture in Malawi where a 3 year old child was captured working from dusk till dawn. The child was so small he was still sucking on his thumb. Some call it “child labour”, his family simply said to me: “family responsibility”

Another example. This time about I myself. Thirty something academic, not married, childless, not having a house, not even a car, and spending all my saving on “useless” journeys, some Asian newspapers who wrote about me described my life style as “extreme” and “rebellious”. I was, as a matter of fact, surprised and replied: “I thought wanting to live my own life was called “human right” !!!

What else? Endless examples. Terrorist or Freedom fighter? Rebel or Revolutionist? Gender (in)equality or respective social essence? Corruption or responsive favour system? …In short, where is the border line between universal right or cultural relativism?