Culture vs. culture: Marriages in India

This article by Vijay Nagaswami, “Culture vs. culture,” was sent to us via the marvelous Cultural Detective certified facilitator and current SIETAR India President, Sunita Nichani. She says, “Here is an interesting article published this Sunday in one of India’s leading newspapers, The Hindu. With the slow erosion of the custom of marrying within similar communities in India, intercultural competence will be vital for making marriages work.”

Lots of work to do in this world, in so many ways and places. Let’s get started, everyone!

1 thought on “Culture vs. culture: Marriages in India

  1. Indeed, intercultural competence is essential in the types of marriages discussed. Interesting and not surprising at the socio/economic sector which is experiencing this new trajectory. A Danish women academic married to an Indian gentleman who was one of my professors was often approached by U.S. women students who were in a relationship with an Indian student. These women wanted her advice on getting married. She said that she always responded by advising the woman to go to India and live with her “boyfriend’s” family/mother while her boyfriend was still in the U.S. because that would be where she would live when they moved to India. She remarked that no one had taken her advice.


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