Global Statistics on Women’s Rights

I’m guessing you’ve heard of “One Billion Rising,” a global action project to end violence against girls and women. They hold a mirror up to us that shows a reflection oh-so-difficult to own: that one out of three women on our planet will be raped or beaten in our lifetime, for example. Where I live, in Mexico, women disappear in alarming numbers every day.

Today I saw this new video, which I feel speaks very well to the issue. While I don’t necessarily agree with the video’s conclusion that women are THE answer, all of our talents together, indeed, are the answer.

Please help this video gain some traction, if you would. Cross-cultural sensitivity is important because it helps us achieve respect for all, a voice for all, equity and sustainability. Cross-cultural sensitivity can not be used as an excuse to abuse fundamental human rights. We hope that Cultural Detective Women and Men, available in our online subscription system as well as via printable PDF, will help us learn to understand and value our differences.

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