[Day 1 of 5] SIETAR Europa Congress Tallinn: Daily Wrap Up

For those of you who are passionate about intercultural but, like me, were not able to get to Tallinn, Estonia for the SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research) Europa Congress, here is Vanessa’s first day wrap up. Enjoy!


the book of ness

Wednesday was “Pre-Congress How-To Workshop Day”.  We are wrapping up, and what were the biggest take-aways?


Sabrina and I were first to present this morning.

We framed Social Media Marketing through an intercultural lens.  Have you ever been a tourist?  Have you ever been a traveler?  What’s the difference?  Tourists might just casually visit a country, without a strong connection or engagement with the local community, perhaps get easily distracted to shiny objects and come home with a suitcase packed full of purchases they didn’t anticipate.

What about a traveler?  Perhaps they spend more time planning and preparing for the visit to the new land.  Relationship building, engaging with local community, and being a conscious participant is the approach of a traveler.  Apply this to Social Media and get your passport ready for your journey.


We have more inspiring stories about building a social media campaign using competencies…

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