Cultural Fail: Our New Product Means WHAT?

Interesting article in Diversity Executive magazine about product naming problems in the global market, some good examples, and a link to an article on the value of intercultural competence.

Kudos to all our interpretation and translation colleagues!

What are you favorite “Cultural DeFective” examples? And your strategies for preventing them?

2 thoughts on “Cultural Fail: Our New Product Means WHAT?

  1. Thanks, Dianne, I particularly appreciate the comment at the end of the article about the need for training along with “exposure”. Are we truly dedicated to do the research which IKEA does? Translation is surely a “dedicated” challenge.


  2. Yes, so many people still believe contact hypothesis — that “exposure,” student exchange or international experience in and of themselves broaden minds. It’s the MEANING we make of our experiences, which requires ongoing structured learning and sense-making, that ensures we learn from experience. Not all study-abroad programs or international assignments are created equal! The Cultural Detective Worksheet is one proven tool for ongoing structured meaning-making.


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