Developmental Intercultural Competence

The ability to collaborate productively and enjoyably across cultures is more important than ever, whether we focus on communicating with elderly parents or teenaged children, or on building trust and producing results with colleagues at the next desk and across the planet. But what do theory and practice tell us about how to gain maximum effectiveness?

One exceptionally rapid and proven way to successfully improve cross-cultural competence is to use the MashUp: a natural and powerful combination of two leading intercultural competence development processes: Cultural Detective and Personal Leadership.

Starting in September we will conduct a four-month course that will transform your personal and professional practice. It will enable you to use the MashUp in a developmentally appropriate manner to support and stretch learners at all stages of intercultural development.

Coursework will be conducted virtually, allowing you to complete the assignments from your office, home, or during travels. There will be individual and pair assignments, in addition to online classes. Do not miss this opportunity to work with some of those who are doing leading intercultural competence work worldwide. Learn more.

2 thoughts on “Developmental Intercultural Competence

  1. Extremely interesting subject. Do you have any videos about intercultural competence in the classrooms in germany.


  2. Simon, we have quite a few videos on intercultural subjects on our “CDTV” channel on YouTube: In particular please click on the playlist at lower right entitled, “CD Method: Videos on intercultural skills.” We don’t yet have a playlist for CD Germany, but you might ask the authors or even suggest some videos to them. If you can be a bit more specific about what you are looking for, perhaps one of our readers can be of assistance. Thank you so much for joining us here! We look forward to collaborating with you to promote intercultural understanding and respect.


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