About krisbibler

Kris Bibler is the Director of Business Development for the Cultural Detective series and responsible for building and managing large client relationships. A USA citizen currently residing in Kansas City, she has lived abroad in Zurich, Switzerland. She is a graduate of the Thunderbird School of Global Management and holds a Masters of International Management. Since graduation she has worked in sales/marketing roles for top organizations such as DHL Airways, Logistics Management, Inc. and Automatic Data Processing (ADP). After working in the United States domestic diversity training field for over a year, Kris began utilizing her 20 years of sales and marketing experience to launch the robust global business solutions in the Cultural Detective® intercultural training series to large organizations around the world. Her passion is to help organizations and their leaders to gain access to the rich intercultural learning that they need to exceed objectives and capitalize on the rapidly changing Global Workforce and the Global Economy.

More Than A Cross-Cultural Development Tool

As many of you may know, the Cultural Detective Team periodically facilitates online learning events which have been designed to help new users learn or seasoned users refresh their skills around working with the Cultural Detective Method and Values Lenses.

I recently had a follow-up conversation with one of our new users, whose organization is getting ready to expand overseas to Australia. Because I often co-facilitate the online learning events, I always find it enlightening to speak with some of our new CD users and online participants to get their perspective and gauge our facilitation success by their understanding of how to work with the CD Method. It really energized me to hear this particular client’s feedback so I wanted to share!

He said he was really excited by the multiple ways he realized his organization could use the CD Method for growth, in addition to his initial hope of using it to aid global expansion. Needless to say, as he continued to clarify his meaning: by discussing how CD is really an excellent business communications tool that can be incorporated into ongoing associate training regardless of cross-cultural work, and that CD provides a superb process for coaching as well — by the end of our call I was really grinning !

It always feels good when the messages we are trying to send make it effectively across the virtual training waves, but when they are taken to another level and creatively applied to the organizational needs, the time we spend educating is worth it’s weight in gold!


This year’s theme is “Leadership Across the Great Divides: Bridging Cultures, Contexts, and Complexities.”

A great theme for Cultural Detectives to contribute their expertise and share this wonderful tool to leaders globally! If you are interested in contributing you’ll need to act fast as call for proposals will close March 15th!

The 14th Annual International Leadership Association Conference will be held in Denver, October 24-27, 2012.

The ILA seeks proposal submissions that represent the best contemporary thinking about leadership from a diverse range of leadership scholars, practitioners, educators, program directors, consultants, students, and other leaders and leadership professionals. I know there are MANY of you out there that fit this description!

I invite you to visit this section of the ILA website to learn more and to submit.

Hello Fellow Cultural Detectives!

Just a quick introduction as this is my first blog post! I manage business development for the Cultural Detective Series and have been working with the team for seven years now. It’s such a wonderful product and group to be associated with and to represent. I hope to periodically blog about my experiences working with the new and experienced users of the CD materials:
  • what have they learned?
  • what can they teach us? and
  • how can we continue to spread these effective communication tools throughout the world to ultimately connect people and improve relationships!

I’ll do my best to inform you as we launch new products, and update sales and marketing tools that you can work with to champion the use of CD within your organization. I’ll also incorporate information about partner relationships and organizations outside of CD that you might want to consider for your continued development in the intercultural leadership space. I look forward to building a relationship with you and growing in our cross-cultural development together! Feel free to reach out to me via this blog or directly through email or phone. We can all use this blog to Get A Clue and become effective detectives!