Announcing Our New Website!

new website 2We are thrilled to be able to announce the launch of our new and improved website!

Thanks to your commitment to building intercultural competence in our world, Cultural Detective has been privileged to grow. We now have over 70 packages in the series, 140+ authors worldwide, and are available via online subscription or licensed PDF.

Our original website grew with our community. It was like an old, beloved house, onto which new rooms have been added as the family grows. After so much adding on, light switches become hard to find, as do links to the information you might desire on the website.

Our new website is fast, easy to navigate, and easy to use. I want to very much thank our IT team, Rajat and Mahasweta, who made all the magic happen! It is no overstatement to say we could not have done it without you. Over the years, you both have become invaluable members of the Cultural Detective team. I also want to thank staff members Greg Webb and Kathryn Stillings, who helped me enormously, by uploading data, editing text, and providing feedback on design and functionality. We are blessed with talented people on this team!

I am confident we will find bugs and errors in the upcoming weeks, and we appreciate your help letting us know if you find any so we can correct them. Thank you!

website 3 new website 1

We hope you put this speedier, more organized and engaging website to good use! Now let’s get out there and build some intercultural competence!

University of Valencia Master’s in Cross-cultural Management

logo-uvSo many people in Europe ask us about Cultural Detective Facilitator Certifications and other professional development opportunities. We of course always mention the Intercultural Development Research Institute in Milan, of which I’m a proud faculty member.

Soon there will be a terrific new opportunity: a Master’s in Cross-cultural Management, offered by the University of Valencia in Spain. The program is extensive and very practical, including cross-cultural management theory as well as cross-cultural marketing, project management, negotiation, conflict resolution, global teams, international assignments, and intercultural training and coaching. The program culminates in an internship or final project.

The faculty teaching this program are incredible, and I am proud to be among them. It is an incredibly talented and diverse group of professionals from around the world.

You can pre-register now, or download a brochure to pass on to your students or colleagues.

First Winter Institute for Intercultural Communication

WIIC14 4Have you registered for this new learning opportunity? The Winter Institute for Intercultural Communication will take place at Wake Forest University in Charlotte, NC USA March 12-15, 2014.

There are courses tailor-made to Cultural Detectives! Just look at this selection:

Cultural Detective authors and partners will be presenting these and many other courses. Registration starts at US$405 and is now open.

Cross-cultural Competence Enhances Productivity AND Satisfaction

Last week a new brochure, this week a new introductory presentation! Thank you all for the incredible work you do with this process and these materials, to build cross-cultural respect, teamwork, productivity and equity!!!!

Use it, pass it around, and do the good work! Thank you, everyone!

Help us Build Respect and Collaboration



We have an updated brochure that we are debuting. Please click on the link above to view it.

We are hoping that all of you will please pass it around, use it in your spheres of influence, and put the Cultural Detective Method to good use, building a more cross-culturally respectful, inclusive, collaborative and equitable world, in which our diverse experiences generate innovative solutions to our shared problems.

You can also find the brochure on our website:

Please let us know what you think!

Do One Thing for Diversity and Inclusion

Do One Thing logoIn 2001, UNESCO adopted the Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity and in December 2002, the UN General Assembly, in its resolution 57/249, declared May 21 to be the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. The day provides us with an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the values of cultural diversity and to learn to live together better. In 2011, a grassroots campaign ‘Do One Thing For Diversity and Inclusion’, celebrating the annual World Day for Cultural Diversity was launched by UNESCO and the UN Alliance of Civilizations.

Cultural Detective is proud to announce that we have been selected as an ambassador of this global campaign. Goals of the campaign include:

  • Raise awareness worldwide about the importance of intercultural dialogue, diversity and inclusion.
  • Build a world community of individuals committed to support diversity with real and every day-life gestures.
  • Combat polarization and stereotypes to improve understanding and cooperation among people from different cultures.

Won’t you please join us in celebrating diversity and inclusion tomorrow, May 21, 2013? Below we share with you ten ideas from the event’s organizers, and we’re pretty sure that readers of this blog will have more savvy ways to celebrate global diversity and inclusion. We look forward to seeing and hearing what you do!

  1. Visit an art exhibit or a museum dedicated to other cultures.
  2. Invite a family or people in the neighborhood from another culture or religion to share a meal with you and exchange views on life.
  3. Rent a movie or read a book from another country or religion than your own.
  4. Invite people from a different culture to share your customs
  5. Read about the great thinkers of other cultures than yours (e.g. Confucius, Socrates, Avicenna, Ibn Khaldun, Aristotle, Ganesh, Rumi)
  6. Go next week-end to visit a place of worship different than yours and participate in the celebration.
  7. Play the “stereotypes game.” Stick a post-it on your forehead with the name of a country. Ask people to tell you stereotypes associated with people from that country. You win if you find out where you are from.
  8. Learn about traditional celebrations from other cultures; learn more about Hanukkah or Ramadan or about amazing celebrations of New Year’s Eve in Spain or Qingming festival in China.
  9. Spread your own culture around the world through our Facebook page and learn about other cultures
  10. Explore music of a different culture.

The campaign works through a dedicated Facebook page, serving as a platform for people around the world to share their experiences through posts and videos. Following this event, on May 29, 2013, in Baku, Azerbaijan, will be the World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue.

Cultural Detective – First International Service Trade Under the New Colombia-USA Free Trade Agreement

Fernando Parrado Herrera, gerente Global Minds, Dianne Hofner Saphiere, fundadora Cultural Detective y presidente Nipporica Associates LLC, Andrés Forero Medina, presidente Forero Medina & Abogados Asociados


We are very proud to announce that on May 14, 2012, during the international event “Intercultural Competencies for Negotiating under the Free Trade Agreements,” which was held in the Alumni Club of Andes University, we formalized the first export of cross-border services under the new Free Trade Agreement between Colombia and the USA. The export was for international legal and business consulting services and training in intercultural negotiation to develop free trade commerce under article 11 of the FTA.

We trust that this first export will provide Colombians and US Americans intercultural marketing support for long-term business success, and the specialized legal services required to develop commerce between Colombia and the USA. Businesses worldwide will have access to local consulting services in Bogotá, developed under the Cultural Detective brand, generating 15 more jobs in the areas of consulting, interculturalism and international negotiation.

Mayo 15. Tenemos mucho gusto de participar a ustedes que en el día de ayer 14 de Mayo de 2012, en el marco del Curso Internacional sobre Competencias interculturales para negociar en los Tratados de Libre Comercio, realizado en Uniandinos, se formalizó la primera exportación de servicios transfronterizos de Colombia, dentro del Marco del TLC de Colombia con Estados Unidos de América para la exportación de servicios de consultoría legal en Comercio internacional y servicios de entrenamiento en negociación intercultural para los tratados de libre comercio en desarrollo del capítulo 11 del Tratado.

Se espera con esta primera exportación poner a disposición de empresarios Colombianos y norteamericanos un soporte de servicios en materia de mercadeo intercultural para negocios de largo plazo y de los servicios legales especializados que son requeridos para el desarrollo de negocios entre Colombia y los Estados Unidos. Numerosas empresas tendrán acceso en todo el mundo a los servicios de consultoría en Bogotá, desarrollados en el marco del Cultural Detective, generando actualmente mas de 15 empleos en las areas de consultoría, interculturalidad y negocios internacionales.

Thank you and congratulations to all who joined us in Paris!

Congratulations and thank you to Annette, Benedicte, Christa, Christine, Constance, Corinne, Gwendolyn, Joseph, Laure, Marie, Marie Laure, Nathalie, Olga, Sandrine, Teresa, Thérèse, Sophie, and Véronique, who recently completed the Cultural Detective Facilitator Certification Workshop in Paris! Your Cultural Detective team very much looks forward to witnessing and supporting the good work you do in the world!

Many thanks also to their able facilitator, George Simons, and all the terrific people at SIETAR France!

It was a joy for me to at least virtually be in Paris in the springtime!

Please note that certification is not required to use this incredible intercultural competence development process. These 18 professionals are committed to using the method and materials to their utmost, and to customizing them to your organizational needs and designs.

You can see a full list of our author team members here, or certified facilitators who want to be listed as available to help you. The names and contact information of the newly certified professionals who wish to be listed will appear here shortly.

Our next certification course will be held in May in New York City. Click here for more details.

Hello Fellow Cultural Detectives!

Just a quick introduction as this is my first blog post! I manage business development for the Cultural Detective Series and have been working with the team for seven years now. It’s such a wonderful product and group to be associated with and to represent. I hope to periodically blog about my experiences working with the new and experienced users of the CD materials:
  • what have they learned?
  • what can they teach us? and
  • how can we continue to spread these effective communication tools throughout the world to ultimately connect people and improve relationships!

I’ll do my best to inform you as we launch new products, and update sales and marketing tools that you can work with to champion the use of CD within your organization. I’ll also incorporate information about partner relationships and organizations outside of CD that you might want to consider for your continued development in the intercultural leadership space. I look forward to building a relationship with you and growing in our cross-cultural development together! Feel free to reach out to me via this blog or directly through email or phone. We can all use this blog to Get A Clue and become effective detectives!